Powerboard. 6 outlet sockets with individual switches

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Brand: Jackson
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These 6 way powerboards are suited to domestic and commercial applications. This powerboard is a high rated unit offering surge and overload protection to your appliances. Avoid damage that can be caused by unpredictable power surges. Protect valuable audio, video, entertainment and computer equipment. Long 1.8m power lead and right angle power plug allow it to fit easily and neatly behind furniture. The powerboard also features EMI/RFI filtration.

Technical specs
Voltage rating : 240VAC at 50Hz
Current : 10A (Max)
Power rating : 2400 Watt
Individual switches
Six x 240 AC sockets
Protection Mode: Active, Neutral & Earth
Surge Current: 4,500A
Surge Protection: MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)
Typical Capacitance: 430pF
Clamping Voltage: < 275V (at 50A)
Energy Absorption: 525 Joules
Response Time: < 20 nano seconds
Filtration protection: EMI and RFI
Supplied in heat sealed clamshell blister