Nightlight. Value 3 pack LED operation

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Value pack - 3 Nightlights. Innovative LED technology supercedes globes to deliver a better and a lower operating cost option lasting 100,000+ hours. These LED Nightlights are cool to touch giving added peace of mind for parents. Simply plug the nightlights into a power socket and turn the power on. The nightlights will automatically activate when the built in sensor detects that the surrounds are dark or dim and then turn off again when light is detected... on at dusk / off at dawn.

Ideal for:
Baby nursery, toddlers bedrooms, hallways, kitchen and dark stairways.

Uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) - does not uses globes. Automatic on/off sensor, rated 230-240VAC 50 Hz. Rated power is 0.2 watt.